Could Cannabis Offer An Alternative To Opioids For Pain Relief?

A new research study has showcased new ways that cannabis is working to create pain-relieving molecules within the body. It has actually been shown that cannabis can produce a pain-relieving effect that’s 30 times stronger than the average aspirin. This means that using medical cannabis could be even more effective than treatment with opioids.

The opioid crisis is affecting populations worldwide and changes to marijuana laws do have the potential to reduce opioid consumption. Cannabis itself can work as a powerful painkiller and it does not come with the same negative side effects or the tendency for addiction as opioids.


Flavonoids or Cannflavins were first studied in the year 1985 for their anti-inflammatory effects. What was discovered about these components of cannabis is that they were 30 times more effective than any type of aspirin on the market. Investigation into these molecules was extremely difficult with the legal status of cannabis.

Today, research is pushing forward in how cannabis is used. The goal is to understand these molecules as well as sequence the genomes of that they could be recreated for natural pain relievers in the future.

A True Alternative To Opioids

With more than 130 people experiencing an overdose in the United States due to opioids, introducing an alternative to prescription painkillers could be an excellent way to manage these conditions. Concerns regarding opioids are far-reaching worldwide with dependence rates increasing. Having more research and widespread legality could ensure that there is finally a true alternative to opioids for pain relief. As Canvas products would work to target pain and reduce inflammation stronger than most Asprin, the development of future products using these ingredients could lead to low risk and longer-lasting pain relief for the future.

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