Is There A Possibility Of Treating Diabetes With CBD?

There have been many discussions about the wonderful therapeutic and health benefits of CBD in the past few years. It has given rise to a trend of using CBD as one of the active ingredients of various products claiming many health benefits. It has even set foot in the market of beauty products and skincare. Nowadays, CBD products are thriving in the market due to these claims.

However, it is important to clear out the fact that these claims are not established with relevant scientific evidence. Till now whatever possibility of CBD’s therapeutic benefits has been found were all concluded from studies conducted on animals. There are yet to do extensive research based on human trials. So, all the health benefits that you hear about CBD are derived from anecdotal reports.

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CBD And Diabetes

Diabetes has become a major health problem in average humans. It is a disease where your body has a problem in controlling the glucose level in your blood. Insulin is the hormone that the pancreas produces to carry the glucose molecules to the cells. Depending on Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the cause is either insufficient production of insulin or the inability to use the produced insulin.

The question here is whether CBD can enhance the production or function of insulin, or it can reduce the effects of irregular sugar levels.

The studies regarding CBD and diabetes at the preliminary level have shown satisfactory results. Researchers say that the endocannabinoid system in our body has natural cannabinoid receptors present in various cells, tissues, and organs throughout the body. They have also found that these receptors can get highly concentrated in certain organs like the pancreas.

The endocannabinoid receptors called CB-1 are present in the islet cells of the pancreas, where insulin is produced. Stimulation of these receptors may have some connection with the production of insulin. No matter how fascinating it may sound, it is not like these receptors are solely accountable for insulin production, or CBD is stated to cure diabetes.

CBD In Reducing Side Effects Of Diabetes

Rather than the possibility of CBD’s role in insulin production, researches give firmer evidence on the potential of CBD in reducing the side effects of diabetes.

Insulin resistance develops in Type 2 diabetes due to many factors among which chronic inflammation is a major cause. The fatty tissues restrict the proper functioning of glucose metabolism. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which may prove effective.

Nerve damage is a common complication of diabetes, which results in a lack of sensations and numbness in legs or hands. Thus, unawareness of injuries may raise the risk of infections. CBD is a

US government approved neuroprotectant medication.