4 Major Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

If you’d like a brighter smile, you might be tempted to grab a box of whitening strips at your local pharmacy. However, just because home treatments are available doesn’t mean they’re a good idea. If you want high-quality whitening, here are four major advantages of having it professionally done.

1. Customizable Treatments

When you use whitening strips, you’re at the mercy of one-size-fits-all rectangular-shaped strips. Most people don’t have perfectly aligned teeth so having yours whitened by a dentist gives you customized whitening. This means every tooth, no matter the shape, will be treated where strips can’t reach.

2. Higher Quality Products

Professional-grade products are used when you schedule your teeth whitening Bluffton SC performed by a dentist. They have all the equipment and the proper type of lighting to give you the high-quality results you can’t get at home. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let your dentist do his or her magic.

3. Safe Atmosphere

Attempting to whiten your teeth at home can be risky, especially if you have sensitive teeth. To avoid unnecessary pain, dental whitening done by a professional begins with a complete exam so teeth aren’t damaged. A dentist also knows to avoid crowns or veneers that should be avoided during whitening.

4. Improved Dental Health

If you’re not already visiting the dentist at least once per year, your teeth will suffer as a result. When professional whitening gets you in the door, it will vastly improve your overall dental health. Any issues that have been put off, such as cavities or crowns, can now be taken care of. This ensures a healthy and beautiful smile.

When you’re ready to explore teeth whitening, be sure to contact a dentist instead of doing it yourself. It’s safe, customizable and the best for your oral health.