Is Gripe Water Safe for Infants?

Crying is a way that your baby communicates with you. No one else other than you can understand why the baby is crying. You will soon learn if they are hungry, sleepy, want to cuddle, are uncomfortable or need attention. Even though crying is normal, few kids continue to cry even after they are fed and cleaned well.

There can be more reasons for a baby to cry like colic relief problems and teething. A baby can have colic issues for three to four hours in a single day or three days in a week.  There are still no reasons found why and how colic happens. There are a few that believe colic happens because of discomfort in the abdominal area that can be caused by gas.

According to research done on colic, it is said that around twenty eight out of the 100 babies can experience this problem. Colic most commonly starts to happen in babies in the first  6 weeks from their birth and often goes away on its own when the baby is around 4 months old.

If you are trying to address reflux in babies, then Dr. Chase Pediatrics has got a special Kolik Sweet Dreams nighttime formula. This product is made for problems like gas, stomach upset, indigestion, restlessness during the night time, and digestive relief issues. This has been a trusted product for generations.

It can be very hard being a parent and the addition of crankiness of the baby makes it more frustrating. As a parent, you always try to find a solution as you worry you are not taking good care of your child as you should.  Here is good news for you, there is a way that you can easily calm your baby

Many parents recommend this herbal remedy mostly known as gripe water. It is the safest remedy you can have for your baby. This supplement is available in the form of liquid. They are easily available in pharmacies, food stores, and grocery stores. They ease problems related to gas, colic, and a few more ailments in babies.

The ingredients that are used to make gripe water are as follow:

  • Ginger
  • Fennel
  • Chamomile
  • Dill

Health Canada considers gripe water  a natural health supplement and  not a medication. This means that they are considered safe to be given to any baby, there is no need to have a prescription.

Make sure that you read the list of ingredients used in the product before buying it. Many doctors do recommend gripe water for kids and most of the babies love it.

Share your newborn duties with your partner and whenever you need a break, you can ask a trusted adult for your help.