There has been considerable technological advancement in almost every field. Hair transplant is one such field, where new technologies are constantly coming up. FUE Hair Transplant is one such technology, which has made hair transplant easier and reduced the scarring of the procedure quite drastically. If you have been undergoing hair loss and have decided to opt for the FUE hair transplant procedure, the following are some tips which would help you to effectively plan your treatment. Here is how you can perfectly plan your hair transplant.

Search and Research

Hair transplant is a big step. If you choose someone who isn’t the best, then it could potentially ruin your hair transplant and cause more damages. Reviewing the practitioners is the first and the most essential step. During this go through the before and after pictures on the clinic’s website as it will paint a clearer picture regarding the abilities of the surgeon. When going through these pictures, you must keep in mind that after pictures were taken several months after having undergone the procedure. Hair growth is a long procedure and doesn’t happen overnight. It could take a whole year before you see the final results.

Good general health

Good health condition is a pre-requisite for most cosmetic surgeries and being in good health speeds up the recovery process. If you are a smoker, then it is highly recommended that you quit smoking for at least two weeks before and also after the surgery. It is crucial to that as it will help inadequate circulation and blood flow on the surgical site.

You are what you eat

Diet plays a key role in maintaining good health. Make sure that you have a balanced diet. Your diet should include foods which are nutrient-rich and protein. This will aid in the healing process. If you aren’t already health-conscious, it would be great to adopt some of the healthy eating habits before undergoing the procedure.

Book yourself a consultation

After having done your research, you might’ve made a list of potential surgeons. Book your appointment with them. The hair restoration specialist will discuss the procedure with you in detail. The number of grafts which are required to give you the desired results would be discussed in this consultation. You will be explained the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant procedure. Depending upon the condition of your hair and the severity of your balding, the specialist would recommend the best method to meet your needs.

Who is a suitable candidate?

The presence of adequate donor hair follicles is critical to the procedure as hair grafts are harvested from the densest areas of growth. If the availability of the grafts is sparse, then FUE may not be a viable option. In such a case your surgeon will recommend an alternative treatment for you and guide you through it so that you can receive the desired results.