3 Time Saving Beauty Procedures

Has your morning beauty routine gotten out of hand? If you find yourself carrying your cosmetics bag to your car each morning to do your make-up while driving to work, it might be time to look into some beauty procedures that will save you time each day as you get ready to head out the door.

Hair Removal 

Professional hair removal is painless, quick, easy, and low maintenance. Removing hair from unwanted places allows you to ditch the razor and tweezers at home, and provides a long-term solution for unsightly hair. If you are looking to save prep time in your beauty routine, then hair removal Ridgewood could be right for you!


A good quality moisturizing facial can help make your skin flawless and reduce the size of your pores. Using a facial product once per month will give you glowing, natural skin without having to apply multiple products. Staying on top of the hydration of your face will help you to minimize your morning skincare routine, giving you back precious minutes of your day.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a wonderful and quick fix for bedhead hair for a busy woman’s morning routine. Instead of needing to shower and re-wash your entire head with soap and water, just give your hair a quick spray. Dry shampoo gives your hair the boost you are looking for in a time crunch and has a fresh, attractive scent leaving you ready to take on the world.

Tousled Haircut

Investing in a great, tousled haircut is another great option for busy women on the go. Springing for a great tousled cut will reduce the amount of prep necessary for your hair to look fabulous, as it is meant to be somewhat messy in presentation.

These beauty tips are great to consider if you are needing to cut down the time of your morning routine. Even just snagging one or two of these practices might help you find more time in your day.