All you wanted to know about Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy is a natural medical practice established on the assumption that the body can heal itself. People who practise homeopathy are called homeopathy practitioners or homeopathy doctors or simply homeopaths. They use homeopathic medicines to incite the restorative process and provide effective homeopathy treatment for different diseases, for instance, diabetes, thyroid, women’s health, arthritis, infertility, sinusitis, hypertension, skin, hair, allergy, asthma, migraine headache, spondylitis, children diseases and many more. Homeopathy treatment can convert a condition of no hope into a successful condition with the help of the wonderful homeopathic preparations.

The basic principle of homeopathy treatment is “ like cures like ”. It means that if a substance creates definite symptoms, it can moreover aid to remove those symptoms. In another way, it can be stated that little concentrations of a particular toxin could treat the very identical symptoms it would produce in larger doses. In homeopathy these substances are acquired from different parts of several plants; from minerals such as gold, silver etc.; from chemicals like sulphuric and nitric acid; various biological materials are collected from animals using nonviolent procedures.

A minuscule portion of these natural substances is then combined with distilled water or alcohol. The liquid mixture is then shaken vigorously. This step is known as potentization which is responsible for transferring the healing actions. The concentration of the basic constituents of the healing substances is repeatedly diluted. Most of these homeopathic medicines are so heavily diluted that they do not contain any particle from the basic substances. Still they are advantageous in treating a wide array of diseases and execute a vital role in boosting the body’s natural defence system

A drop of this liquid preparation is placed on the tiny homeopathic sweet globules and left to evaporate. It is recommended that the liquid mixture should be given at an extremely diluted dose because undiluted preparation can generate adverse results. In homeopathy, it is believed that if a substance is more diluted it becomes more powerful and effective.

Homeopathy treatment  is unique as patients suffering from the same condition may require separate homeopathic medicines to become disease-free while two patients with separate complaints may be given the same medicine to get rid of the disorder. Before the treatment commences the patient is asked to submit earlier medical reports. During the treatment, the homeopath asks numerous questions like what causes stress, likes and dislikes, way of life, desires, emotions etc. to get an in-depth idea regarding the physical and mental health of the patient. Medicines are then prescribed.

Homeopathy treatment deals with the entire process of the ailment and not just any symptoms as all the symptoms are taken into consideration and the main cause of the disease is attacked. Whereas allopathy treatment attempts to relieve the symptoms of the disease by modifying the body’s natural defence mechanism.

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