Different Types of Oral Care Solutions with the Help of Orthodontics

It’s not just cavities and tooth decay that you have to worry about when it comes to your oral health. Sometimes, the problem is structural, such as gaps in teeth or misaligned jaws. For this, you’re going to need just your regular dentist’s help. Instead, you’re better off getting Colorado orthodontics services.

Orthodontics focus on a specialized kind of oral care, which is involved more in the correction of the teeth’s alignment. It’s also the kind of treatment best used to resolve issues of dental crowding. In case you need to wear dental appliances such as Invisalign, braces, or retainers, then you’ll need help from your orthodontist.

Below are some descriptions and differences among these common appliances, so you’ll know what to expect in case you’re told you’ll need one.

Invisalign – These are clear teeth straighteners, usually preferred by those who would prefer not to wear the more obvious metal braces. The aligners are custom-made according to your dental imprint, and how it needs to be manipulated to get the alignment you need. Not only is it invisible, but it is also easily removable, making it a convenient and effective choice.

Invisalign treatment may require you to wear the appliance for 20 hours at a time per day, for the next couple of weeks. After that, you’ll then move on to the next phase of adjustment, and again at the next regular interval, until the treatment schedule is complete, and you achieve the desired results.

Metal Braces – Unlike Invisalign, metal braces are more obvious permanent orthodontic appliances. It is a complete system that involves the use of metal brackets connected by a wire and secured by rubber bands, which also act as the adjusting mechanism that puts force on the teeth to move.

The newer the bands are, the tighter the movement is for the teeth. It cannot be taken off throughout the entire duration of the treatment, which can take anywhere from a few, several months to a few, several years.

Retainers – After completing your braces treatment, you need to follow it up immediately with retainers. This is a crucial step in ensuring the successful retention of your teeth’s new alignment. Remember, your teeth were moved and manipulated to get in their new, corrected positions by way of force through the metal braces.

Once this force is removed, the teeth can easily fall back to its old position, putting to waste all the effort that you put in with your braces. Technically speaking, it’s still part of your braces program, that’s why you should make sure to wear it properly and regularly as you should. It’s a temporary appliance, anyway, which means that you can take it out at the end of the day to give your mouth a rest.

Your orthodontist can give you the proper care and help you need for your oral health. Get in touch with us at the soonest possible time to get started on solving your orthodontic problems.