Hormone Therapy for Men with Low Testosterone Levels

Hormone therapy for men is a very popular practice to treat symptoms of aging for many years. And it still remains the first choice of men who are concerned with male pattern baldness. It has many benefits and few side effects when compared to surgical treatments. Men’s hormones play a vital role in maintaining their bodies’ health, but as men get older so do the hormones. Male hormone replacement can help men feel and look like themselves once again.

Male hormone replacements like BHRT are considered safe when compared to other medical interventions. There have been no significant studies linking hormone levels to breast cancer or heart disease. Side effects like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and constipation are not caused by BHRT but by natural hormonal fluctuations within the body. With all-natural therapies, side effects are very rare. It is also important to note that BHRT is more effective as an initial treatment and that it is best to take a one-time pill every day for several months, rather than a continuous shot of the hormone throughout your life. This method also allows for consistent hormone levels as you age.

BHRT comes in different forms such as injections, creams and tablets. Some men might find some kinds work better for them because of their reactions to hormone replacement therapy. If you notice a worsening of symptoms after taking one kind of hormone replacement therapy for men, you should consult your doctor about alternatives. And be sure you talk with your physician about the possible side effects of BHRT. Your physician will help you decide on what dose would be the best for you based on your individual reaction to hormone replacement therapy.

Bioidentical hormone therapy for men Dallas may include testosterone injections. There are two options for this, either collagen (synthetic) or pellets. Collagen is usually given in the first round of therapy, as it takes longer for the body to absorb the hormones. Piles are capsules containing testosterone or other hormones. The advantage of these is that they are absorbed faster by the body and usually produce faster results.

Another form of BHRT for men is bioidentical dimercaprol. It is usually in the form of a cream. Men who want to slow down the aging process and relieve symptoms such as sexual dysfunction can try this type of BHRT for men. In men, this medication is used for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and decreased sperm count.

These are the most common prescriptions for BHRT. One of the risks associated with these medications is depression, because it is given at a much higher dose than needed. However, there are many doctors that do not recommend these due to the increased risk of blood clots and stroke. For this reason, the FDA has put some restrictions on the use of testosterone therapy for men who have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or have a history of depression. The side effects of this form of therapy can include increased blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, and headaches.