How To Improve Hormone Levels

Mental states, appetite, sleep and many other aspects of life are affected by hormones. When things go well, endocrine glands can adapt to circumstances and produce certain hormones accordingly. When things do not go well, glands can produce too much or too little and throw a person’s body off. This article will discuss several ways a person can keep his or her hormones in check.


Physical exercise is great for the body in general, and particularly for the endocrine system. Regular activity can directly affect insulin, which is an essential hormone. When insulin works properly, it helps cells produce energy from amino acids and sugar. However, many people produce too much insulin, which can cause diabetes, inflammation, heart complications and other issues. Exercise such as running and weightlifting can ensure that insulin production doesn’t get out of hand.


Food can drastically affect a person’s hormone levels. Many people succumb to imbalances when they are protein deficient since protein is needed for some of the most important amino acids. Protein also helps the endocrine system regulate food intake, which is crucial to proper digestion. Also, foods high in sugar can cause the body to produce too much insulin and confuse energy production.


Just as a hormonal imbalance can disrupt a person’s mental state, a good mental state can help with maintaining hormonal balance Shreveport LA. If a person is stressed, his or her body is more likely to release cortisol to aid with coping, which can do damage in the long run. If a person is constantly in fight-or-flight mode, excessive adrenaline can eventually lead to heart and blood problems.

Hormonal effects are usually subtle until they grow into larger problems. Some of the smallest things in a person’s daily life can wreak havoc on the body. Attentiveness and discipline can help an individual’s hormones operate the way they should.