Read This to Know About Usage and Disposal of Mask

horizontal background of woman wearing surgical mask for corona virus isolation .

The whole world is now under the grip of fear due to COVID-19 which is infecting many people and also causing deaths even today.

One of the most important items used is face mask, which has become an important face gear, and as a result, its consumption has increased tremendously. Initially, there was terrible shortage of face masks, as the demand for this item had increased, however now there are a number of manufacturers, who are trying to fill this gap.

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What are the different masks available?

If you are in good health and staying at home then it is not necessary to wear the mask however while going out in the public places, it must be worn. Following are 3 varieties of masks that are in use.

  1. Cloth mask

One can wear these masks for general protection, but if you are the infected person then such masks are not an ideal choice. However, for a healthy person any mask made of cloth can provide reasonable amount of protection if that covers the mouth and nose properly.

Even if these masks are not available in the market, one can make these masks at home by using any cloth used for towel or T-shirts.

  1. Surgical mask

These masks are generally used by medical professionals while treating their patients. They are usually not preferred for present situation as they cannot block small droplets.

  1. N95 respirator

These masks are actually not meant for general public and uses polypropylene material for making them. This can filter out 95% of even very small sized particles (0.3-micron size).

Generally, these masks are used by healthcare professionals.

How to dispose these masks?

Actually, different types of virus and germs are able to survive in the mask for different duration. According to experts they can survive for few hours to even few days too. So one should not throw these masks anywhere or at any place but prefer a proper trash can to dispose them off.

Better it is not to share each other’s mask even within the family too. Even reusing any mask is also very risky.

  1. Cloth mask

Masks made of clothes can be easily washed by using detergents and dried and used again.

  1. Surgical mask

Surgical masks are not meant for reusing. They use and throw type of masks. However, while throwing them they should be properly wrapped so that it cannot spread its germs. Always try to dispose them off properly

  1. N95 respirator

While removing the mask, you must hold the edges of its straps attached.  Avoid touching the inside part of respirator. You must wash your hands both before and after removing it.

You must place the mask within plastic bag. You may also store in any breathable container like paper bags after securing it tightly. Never put on any new mask until and unless you have washed your hands properly.