The TCM View Of Knee Pain

In this write-up we describe what TCM is and how it can be utilized to deal with joint discomfort or pain. Nonetheless, we want you to bear in mind that we personally do not prescribe Chinese medicine for joint pain. Before carrying out any new type of treatment for your joint inflammation or sore joints, you have to discuss this with your medical professional. Remember, health is riches– so take care to make the right choices for your whole-body wellness.

2 main concepts that influence TCM practitioners


Qi is life power or vital force. TCM professionals believe that Qi runs through your body and it’s constantly flowing and altering. Several TCM treatments focus on how to maintain the circulation of Qi in your body active and moving.

Yin and Yang

These two contraries explain the crucial traits of Qi. Yin is hot, light, feminine, day, and hollow. Yang is chilly, heavy, masculine, night, and strong. To have optimum wellness you require to have a balance between the yin and yang of Qi. If one is out of balance, you can become ill.

How TCM views joint pain

In TCM we see inflammation and diagnose it in a somewhat different method than in Western Medicine. TCM call this a pattern or disorder. For example, we categorise arthritis as a Bi pattern, equated this would be a painful obstruction syndrome (POS). This allows us recognize that there is discomfort, but it does not identify the reason.

In TCM, experts believe that joint pain such as that of joint inflammation are triggered by a clog that stops the smooth flow of Qi through-out your body. Due to the fact that this blockage is connected with the bones, it is called Bone Bi. Bone Bi is a clog that impacts the bones and joints.

Within TCM, the belief is that the cause of Bone Bi is environmental. Particularly, the wind, cold, and moisture can penetrate your bones, muscles, tendons, and joints– triggering discomfort, lowered movement, and stiffness.

When this happens, it is not possible for Qi to flow through your body easily, maintaining the equilibrium of yin (hot, light, feminine, day, and hollow) and yang (chilly, hefty, masculine, night, and strong).

The TCM therapy for joint pain is based upon the group of Bone Bi inducing the troubles. If you do pursue TCM therapy for your joint discomfort, ask your TCM expert concerning Wind Bi, Cold Bi, Damp Bi, and Heat Bi.

3 primary TCM techniques


Many physio therapists, massage specialist, and various other doctors likewise use this therapy method. Very fine needles are placed very carefully in your skin to help minimize rigidity, tension, and to calm various body systems.


You might have seen photos of athletes with big circular contusions on their skin. This is from cupping– the practice of putting warmed suction cups on the skin.

Natural herbs

Different herbs, plants, flowers are integrated to develop teas, casts, and powders.