What you should do after a chemical peel treatment? 

You must be very careful about the way you treat your skin right after receiving a chemical peel treatment. Obviously, your skin becomes very sensitive and therefore, some additional precautions must be taken after chemical peels Toronto to protect it and minimize skin’s downtime. Mentioned below are the proper post-peel skincare tips from experts at Sovereign Skin. 

  • Use cool water when you wash face 

Washing your face with cool water will help you alleviating the potential post-peel sensations. If you have got used to wash your face with hot water, this might be a little challenging task. But think about the benefits and use cold water so you will get familiar with it. 

  • Hydrate yourself and moisturize the skin

After undergoing a chemical peel treatment, the protective barrier of your skin will be weakened a bit. Therefore, you should use an external barrier to protect your skin. In this case, it is much better to use a medium-to-thick moisturizing lotion. In addition to that, it is compulsory to drink more water so your skin will be hydrated from inside as well. 

  • Use a sunscreen

As mentioned above, the skin will become very delicate after chemical peels. So, you should ensure that direct sun exposure is avoided all the time. If not, direct sunlight on skin can worsen the conditions. Therefore, when you go out, it is compulsory to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF30 (or more). 

  • No workouts and steam rooms

If the blood circulation of the body increases, you will experience some itchiness, tingling and similar sensations. In addition to that, you can experience warming and redness on the skin particularly if the skin is peeled lately. So, stay away from steam rooms, workouts and even from dry saunas. 

Your skin will get back to its normal condition after a peel and it needs some time. Once the skin repaired, you can start the usual skincare process. The best thing is to adhere to the instructions provided by your skin therapist if you need to expect the best results. If you want to know more about this, just contact an expert at Sovereign Skin