Breaking Up With Your Caregiver

Finding the right caregiver can be a daunting and time-consuming experience, and even when you think you have found the ideal person, things do not always work out. The at-home care industry experiences a great deal of turnover for various reasons, but one of the most uncomfortable situations is when the caregiver-client relationship becomes untenable.

While parting ways can be awkward for all parties involved, some important steps can be taken to help minimize any awkwardness and encourage an amicable separation.

Plan What You Will Say

It is important to plan what you will say to your at-home aide. A good way to start is by complimenting your caregiver’s skills and performance and expressing your appreciation for the elderly home care Massachusetts that you have received. Then, think about how you can explain that you want to part ways without sounding accusatory or placing blame. Emphasize that this change is more about your needs rather than the caregiver’s performance.

Prepare for the Conversation

Choose an appropriate time to talk. For instance, you could raise the subject over coffee or perhaps at the end of the caregiver’s shift. Choose a time when both parties are feeling calm, rational and at ease. If your caregiver is stressed, exhausted, or anxious to get home, save the conversation for another time.

Pursue a Peaceful Departure

Discuss a date for the caregiver’s last day, taking into consideration both of your needs. Generally, you should give at least two weeks’ notice, but the two of you might be able to reach an alternative agreement. If at all possible, try to end the partnership positively. Some positive gestures include offering to be a professional reference or giving your caregiver a small gift of appreciation.

Severing a caregiving relationship is not easy, but it can be done properly if it is well thought out and well planned.