How Marijuana Influences Your Body

Marijuana is a part of the cannabis plant. It can pertain to the flower or leaves, and it can be consumed in different ways. The most common method of consumption is smoking, which encompasses vaping, and ingestion through food and beverages.

Marijuana increases the production of dopamine

Marijuana is rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which acts as a neurotransmitter. When smoked, THC enters your lungs and your bloodstream. It is then caught by your receptors, which increases dopamine. Under normal circumstances, dopamine is released when you are anticipating a reward. Such is the case when you’ve worked hard curating a post online. If it garners thousands of likes, the efforts you put into the post gets validated, affirming that you’ve done something well. Marijuana triggers the same feelings in a higher concentration. If you’re looking for new joints to smoke or delectable edibles, you can check out websites like

Marijuana-infused edibles trigger a longer high

The same caliber of euphoria can be experienced if you ingest marijuana instead of smoking it. Considering that your body has to digest the edibles, euphoria is delayed by 30 minutes up to a couple of hours. Since the THC traverses a longer path from your digestive system to your nervous system, the high derived by the edibles last longer.


Marijuana expands the blood vessels in your eyes

Marijuana consumers experience red eyes after smoking a joint. This is due to THC causing your blood vessels to dilate, emanating the color of blood through your eyes.

Marijuana soothes pain

Cannabis plants have been used since ancient times to treat various aches and conditions. Today, intoxication due to marijuana still leads to pain relief. This is made possible by the endogenous cannabinoids present in Marijuana, which can modulate pain sensitivity through your central and peripheral mechanisms.

Marijuana heightens your emotions

Cannabinoids are effective in reducing anxiety while causing a sense of euphoria. Many consumers also confirm experiencing an improvement in their usually depressed mood. When consuming marijuana, it is essential to curate a peaceful environment. Some consumers report being more anxious, paranoid, and angry when under the influence of this plant. The effect of marijuana differs per person, and it is essential to have fun if this is the feeling you want to be magnified.

Marijuana affects your balance and coordination

Part of the high experienced after consuming marijuana is a sense of disorientation. It is common to experience life slower or faster, which is highly dangerous when driving or walking the streets. As long as you remain safe, this temporarily disorienting experience can seem risky yet fun.

Marijuana intensifies your heartbeat

Imagine experiencing the movements around you very slowly while your heart is beating fast. Typically, your heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute. Smoking or ingesting weed will increase this by 20 to 100% for 2 to 3 long hours. It is undeniable that many marijuana consumers are after this kind of high and rush.

Marijuana is a powerful drug with a variety of effects. Knowing how it affects you and your body goes a long way.