The Advantages of Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring procedures offer many benefits over surgical procedures. Non-surgical procedures do not involve surgery, general anesthesia, wound care, or follow-up visits. You can resume your normal activities immediately following the process, which is excellent for busy people. You can continue working, caring for your children, or enjoying your hobbies while recovering from surgery. And there are no complications, including the possibility of scarring or permanent damage.

Non-invasive body contouring reduces localized bulges of fat.

Non-invasive body contouring techniques are available for various body areas, and the results can be remarkable. CoolSculpting, for instance, can eliminate localized fat deposits and decrease circumference in problem areas. It is also effective for neck and bra fat and an even tone and trims problem areas without surgery. In addition, the procedure is a safe and effective way to address localized fat deposits without surgery, downtime, or adverse side effects.

Liposuction is one of the most common procedures performed for aesthetic purposes. It works by removing fat cells through a small tube known as a cannula. The resulting scar is a more pleasing shape than the original area. Liposuction reduces localized bulges of fat and refines body contours, and it is a popular cosmetic procedure or cosmetic surgery Durham NC. However, non-invasive body contouring procedures require no anesthesia or incision, and they are also associated with less downtime than liposuction.

Reduces wrinkles

Body contouring is a popular cosmetic procedure that can remove fat cells. It is highly effective and can eliminate up to twenty-five percent fat cells from a targeted area. This treatment is available at Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting. Patients unhappy with their bodies can reduce wrinkles and fat by undergoing body contouring. This procedure does not involve surgery or recovery time. It also allows patients to customize their treatment plans based on their desired results.

This procedure is safe and can help improve the appearance of aging skin. During your consultation, Dr. Carter will look for the areas of concern. Then, he will design a treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results. While the procedure does not remove wrinkles, it can help reduce jowls and other signs of aging. Results can last for several years and sometimes even a lifetime.

Reduces cellulite

There are some ways to reduce cellulite, and some may be more effective than others. Surgical methods that target fat, such as liposuction or tummy tucks, may effectively eliminate cellulite, but they may only work on the fat itself. While losing weight may help reduce cellulite, it does not stop it. Even if the procedure is successful, the extra weight may make cellulite appear even more prominent. Body contouring may be one of the best options for reducing cellulite.

Body contouring is a non-invasive procedure that targets problem areas, such as fatty deposits, sagging skin, and cellulite dimples. This procedure uses radio frequency waves to induce a thermal reaction in the tissue, stimulating the body’s natural healing response to contract the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. A physician can recommend the best treatment option for your particular case. A professional at Revivify Medical Spa is a good choice for body contouring.

Reduces risk of permanent scars

Body contouring may be the perfect option if you want to reduce fat without surgery. FDA-approved body sculpting technologies such as CoolSculptingR and TruSculpt 3DR can effectively target the troublesome areas of your body and reduce fat without surgery. With these procedures, Dr. Ohanian can deliver dramatic results without creating visible scars. And because the procedure is non-surgical, you can discuss your goals and concerns with a plastic surgeon.

Before body contouring surgery, you should be free of any underlying medical problems. Cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases should be ruled out, as well as hematologic changes, inguinal hernias, and abdominal hernias. You and your surgeon should discuss the risks and benefits of surgery before agreeing on a treatment plan. You should also understand the trade-off between permanent scarring and improved body contour.

Non-invasive body contouring is safe.

Although body contouring techniques are relatively safe, there are still risks. Surgical procedures may have significant risks, including infection and fluid buildup. Non-surgical procedures do not require anesthesia or downtime. There are also fewer risks, and both options’ recovery time and pain are minimal. Compared to surgical procedures, non-surgical body contouring offers more options for those looking to change their body shape. However, it may be necessary for some patients to wait longer than one year before undergoing body contouring.

Before undergoing body-contouring surgery, you must be a good candidate for the procedure. A good candidate for a body contouring procedure is someone who has an excellent physical condition, is healthy, and has realistic expectations. The procedure has a long list of potential risks, but most do not relate to safety. Instead, the risks are associated with the possibility of not getting the desired results. For example, some patients will experience little to no weight loss, but the benefits outweigh any risks.

Lasts a lifetime

While body contouring surgery is a great way to achieve your dream figure, you still need to maintain healthy habits to get the most out of the procedure. Although body contouring surgery is a one-time procedure, the results can last for years with proper maintenance.

Body contouring offers permanent results because it damages the fat cells at the treatment site. Once damaged, the fat cells are flushed from the body. A healthy diet and regular exercise will help you maintain your results and keep them looking great. And because body contouring results are permanent, you can lose weight again. This is the reason many people choose it over other cosmetic procedures. But if you are concerned about the effects of this procedure on your health, you can choose liposuction.